Catbird NYC

Catbird NYC is a Brooklyn-based jewelry studio that creates captivating original pieces.
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The founder, Rony, evolved Catbird from a one-woman storefront shop into a 50-person online operation that is devoted to assisting customers on their personal jewelry quests – from stacking rings to wedding rings and beyond.

Catbird sought assistance in elevating various aspects of the site as well as correcting a number of ongoing issues preventing conversions. We worked closely with this team of creative powerhouses to refactor, maintain, and extend the functionality of their online home.


Catbird needed a unique style of subscription pop-up that presents itself to viewers by “fading in” from the bottom of the screen when the page is scrolled. The thriving studio also needed an additional shipping method that enabled same-day shipping on a per-product basis. Products with an additional method enabled would be shown in a special category.

Catbird NYC
Catbird NYC
Catbird NYC
Catbird NYC


The newsletter subscription pop-up would allow customers to subscribe to Catbird’s newsletter via MailChimp – and stay informed on all the newest updates and products. The Catbird team was concerned about being penalized by search engines for the old subscription pop-up they had on their website. Also, they all found it a bit annoying. It was time for something new and improved.

On the shipping front, Catbird needed enhanced functionality to evolve their operation, improve efficiency and boost sales. If a customer needed a specific product immediately in the NYC area (maybe they forgot a loved one’s birthday or an anniversary), they currently weren’t able to order it and have it delivered right away. This, too, needed to change.


In order to enhance the newsletter subscription pop-up, we created a script that detects how far the customer has scrolled. Once they scroll past a pre-determined point (in this case, the Catbird logo), the pop-up is presented. If the viewer dismisses the pop-up, it will be hidden for 24 hours. If they choose to subscribe, they will no longer see the pop-up when they visit the site again. Data collected from the pop-up is submitted directly to MailChimp via an AJAX request, and is not stored on the server. Prior to submission, it is validated against a set of rules to ensure there are no errors. If MailChimp rejects the subscription for any reason, an error message is displayed that describes the issue to the customer. The customer is then given a chance to correct their information and re-submit their subscription.

On the delivery front, we enhanced Catbird’s functionality to meet their specific and immediate needs. During check out, if the customer’s cart has products in it that have the same additional shipping method enabled – and the customer meets required criteria for that shipping method – it’s presented as an option. To do this, we had to override the built-in logic that checks if a shipping method is available for use by the customer. This logic was rewritten to temporary enable the additional shipping method – and allow it to be used for the current order. After the method has been made available, it’s disabled again to ensure that it won’t be shown for ineligible products on other orders. We also filtered the same-day delivery category to only display products that meet a specific set of criteria (the product must be in stock and have a specific inventory count before it’s available to be delivered).

Catbird NYC


OIn the end, we were able to help Catbird NYC achieve their particular newsletter subscription and delivery needs. Thanks to a more-friendly and less-intrusive pop-up window and an evolved customer cart, the studio has realized greater brand awareness, increased engagement and stronger sales.

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