Oh My Gauze

Oh My Gauze! manufactures and sells a wide variety of colorful, comfortable, 100-percent cotton gauze clothing.
Oh My Gauze

The founder, Joy, took her inspiration many years ago from a trip to Mexico, and has since evolved Oh My Gauze! from a small storefront operation to a thriving online operation.

Oh My Gauze! migrated to Magento from Big Commerce. They simply outgrew the Big Commerce platform, and required one that would allow them to customize their business logic to their particular needs. They also needed to tie their online presence into all other sales channels – including brick-and-mortar – to create a true omni-channel experience for customers.


Oh My Gauze! needed to develop a comprehensive solution that allowed them to seamlessly integrate day-to-day logistics and operations. They needed a true omni-channel solution that would empower them to integrate and leverage all of their inventory – and deliver it to multiple sales channels. They also needed to integrate their back-office point-of-sale solution and CRM of Teamwork Retail with their Magento-based eCommerce site.

Oh My Gauze!
Oh My Gauze!
Oh My Gauze!


The purpose was to provide each of their customers with a truly seamless and omni-channel experience – along with a consistent, unified brand message. They needed their integration to ensure they were able to leverage their in-store inventory from multiple physical locations to supply their eCommerce store, Amazon, and eBay.


We developed a comprehensive software solution that was ultimately integrated, efficient, and easy-to-use. We did this by building custom integration software for Oh My Gauze!. This custom software solution allowed them to send their inventory from their point-of-sale and warehouse management system of Teamwork Retail to their new web platform, which was built on Magento. We then used M2E Pro to allow all of the product data, inventory, and pricing to seamlessly push to eBay and Amazon. The solution then pulls in all orders from all channels which are then processed using the Teamwork Order Management System.


Oh My Gauze! was thrilled with the powerful results they achieved by implementing our custom software solution. By integrating all of the software together, we provided a unified Oh My Gauze! brand message – along with accurate inventory and pricing control through various sales channels. We helped them reduce the cost of data entry labor by 50% – while increasing conversion by more than 100%. We also provided them with a brand new revenue stream – empowering them to tap into the fertile grounds of eBay and Amazon.

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